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For over 30 years, Maple Systems has been a leading manufacturer and provider of HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) in North America for the control and automation industries. Our company headquarters are located in Everett, Washington. 

A New Generation of HMIs 

Maple Systems HMI series offers the BEST value in today's Human Machine Interface marketplace. Enjoy enhanced data handling features, trusted performance, affordable pricing, and unparalleled support. Our HMI solutions are used in packaging, oil and gas, food and beverage, medical, health and beauty, design, and more. How can we help you meet your control needs?


    Industry's Best Value 
    Maple Systems HMIs offer powerful control solutions, affordable pricing, and excellent post-purchase support. Compared to top competitors, Maple units are less expensive, possess more features, higher-quality components, faster processors, greater memory, and more comprehensive post-purchase support.
    Enhanced Features 
    Maple Systems HMIs offer bright, high-resolution displays, making graphics easy to see and interact with. Our HMI series is IIoT-compatible*, supports remote access with EasyAccess 2.0, and offers options such as rear-mount and dual-Ethernet units. Enjoy extensive features including data logging and sampling, historical data and XY trend display, email alarm notifications, recipes, advanced operational security, macros, and offline/online simulation. Download a free demo of our HMI configuration software now.
    Versatile Sizes 
    Maple's HMI series ranges in size from 4.3" to 15", perfect for any project or industry. Enclosure options include different colors (light and dark grey), and plastic or aluminum housing. For larger projects, check out our Light Industrial Panel PCs, which offer more ruggedized displays up to 21.5 inches.
    Fully Certified 
    Maple Systems HMIs offer multiple certifications to ensure compliance with strict standards in order to supply you with high-quality components. Certifications include UL, CE, NEMA 4/4X, and RoHS. In addition, each unit is fully tested before it leaves our facility.
    Class I, Division 2 Support 
    Keep operators and their environments safe with Maple's Class I, Division 2 HMIs, perfect for hazardous industries such as oil and gas, mining, industrial and automotive painting, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more. 
    Explore Class I, Division 2 products.
    Extensive PLC Support 
    Maple Systems HMIs offer support for close to 300 PLC protocols including the biggest names in PLCs: Allen-Bradley, ABB Totalflow, CoDeSys Automation Alliance, Emerson, GE, Modbus, Omron, Siemens, and more. In addition, our HMI configuration software includes protocol drivers for both serial and Ethernet communications, offering great flexibility when it comes to networking.
    Maple's HMI series comes IIoT-Ready* and supports IIoT-friendly MQTT protocol. This makes it easier than ever to connect factory equipment to the Internet, databases, smart phones, and analytic software. Improve processes, lower production costs, track trends, diagnose problems, and reduce downtime. Put your organization on the IIoT fast track today with our IIoT implementation strategies.
    2 Year Warranty 
    All Maple HMI products are backed by a solid two year warranty. With extended 
    hours, fast repair turnaround times, and advanced technical support, we've got you covered.
    Comprehensive Support 
    All HMI products are backed by our comprehensive online support center and complimentary technical support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing our quality products are backed by a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist via email or phone, Monday - Friday from 6:30am to 4:30pm PST. Great help is only a call or click away.
    Affordable Pricing 
    Maple Systems offers some of the most affordable pricing in the industry, regardless of the size and type of unit required. Special pricing is available for distributors, OEMs, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and volume discounts. Request a quote today.